Fish are biting

fishing at dromana The squid are pretty active off Dromana at the moment, both calamari and arrow types. Now is the time to get out there and have a crack! We are noticing larger than usual flatheads are being caught, less than 1kg from the shore in Dromana.

There’s are plenty of pinky’s biting, but make sure you only keep pinky’s over 28cm!

Happy fishing for December.

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19th Jan 2016 Mornington Peninsula Fishing report

The fish are seriously putting on a show this month. A large range of fish are being caught of the Dromana and Mornington areas. We've seen snapper, gummy shark, flathead and a whisper of whiting among the mix. The blue skies and sunshine seem to be stirring up their hunger. Little do they know, that's stirring up our hunger too. I can just imagine that beautiful flake wrapped in a lovely batter with a bit of salt and lemon....delish!